Session 4 – The Purpose of the Development


From all that we learn from Nature, we can conclude that we're going through a very special development: From generation to generation, we are evolving like a single creature. It is still in its early stages of development, which is why we are so "sour" and seemingly unsuccessful, but the end of our development is guaranteed to be good, even perfect.

We see that of the still, vegetative, and animate levels, the human species is the highest. "Man is the crown of creation." This is why man's development is the longest. The end of man's development is such an extreme departure from the early stages, that it seems as though a new species has come into being. We are only able to draw conclusions about ourselves and Nature's attitude toward us. And its development of us, on the condition that we can see the end, just as with the apple.

If we could only see the apple in its early stages of development, we'd think that it's completely useless. Only in the end, do we see what great wisdom in Nature developed it into such a beautiful and delicious thing.

For this reason, according to the general Law of Development, we, too, are going through the same type of development, and the purpose is undoubtedly, to bring us to a good, wholesome, sweet, and perfect state.

Now, what could be the perfect state? If we gradually evolve through Nature in our minds and hearts, at each stage—or generation—we acquire more sensations and more perceptions. We see that we increasingly contain Nature, the whole of creation, rising above everything, and becoming able to absorb and govern it. Our final development is probably to truly achieve the highest degree in reality.


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Nature is developing us so that we will understand the general law of evolution, and reach the perfect state with our intellect and emotions.

Main Points

  • We do not see where this process of development is leading us, therefore, we do not understand the reason for the extreme situations and suffering that we undergo.
  • Only if we try to understand what will be at the end of the development process, will we see how much the great wisdom of nature is developing us into a perfectly nice and good state.
  • We must discover the general law of development designed to bring us to the perfect state.
  • At each phase of development, in each and every generation, we must acquire from nature additional emotion and intellect, so that we are able to control the process that we are going through more and more by ourselves, and we will thus evolve to become the highest degree in reality.


"Holistic Darwinism shifts our focus from the anthropomorphic purposes of selfish genes in theoretical isolation to the evolved, emergent purposiveness of the living systems as wholes, and to the functional interactions and relationships (adaptations in specific environments) that result in differential survival and reproduction."

Article: 'Holistic Darwinism - "Synergistic Selection" and the Evolutionary Process"

"Evolution progresses towards greater cooperation by discovering ways to build cooperative organisations out of components that are self-interested. It has done so repeatedly throughout the history of life on earth."

Paper: "Evolutionary Progress"

"It is the ties between people that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts."

"The hidden influence of social networks " - video by

"There is no real distinctiveness of your consciousness from somebody else's consciousness… And this is not mumbo-jumbo philosophy. it emerges from our understanding of basic neuroscience."

"The neurons that shaped civilization " - video by

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d. Can you explain your opposition using an example from life?

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b. Can you give an example from your own experiences that reinforces this principle?

Question 3:

a. Can you mention one principle in the transcript text of this session that caused you to agree with it, or that you already agree with?

Question 2: What is the role of the general law of evolution?

Duane Anglin is an American writer and educator, engaging a lot in the study of the future. Over the years, Anglin served as a strategist and consultant to governmental and international organizations. In the following clip Elgin presents the developmental cycle of the human race as he sees it, in light of his significant experience in studying the world and the future. [link to video here, if needed]

Question 1: According to what you've learned thus far from the integral education course, what is different and what is similar between the depiction of evolution portrayed by Elgin, and the picture of evolution that emerges in you as a result of what you've studied in the course? (Please be sure to list both the differences and similarities below.)