Session 10 – The Purpose of the Study


It’s important to remember that the purpose of our study is to understand human nature—the nature in which we are, how we develop, our unique position on the path of evolution—and what we learn from Nature: toward what we are evolving, and what is our next, and final form. We are here in order to learn how we can achieve our final form, both nicely and quickly, since the final state is undoubtedly the perfect state. Meaning, at the end of the day, the study is about how to make our lives from now on, easy, good, safe, and pleasant.


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The purpose of the study is to bring us to the final form—toward which Nature is developing us—in the best, most gentle, and pleasant way.

Main Points

  • Becoming familiar with human nature.
  • Becoming familiar with the general nature in which we are situated.
  • Becoming familiar with our final, perfect form of development.
  • Learning how to achieve the perfect form of development in the nicest and most pleasant way, from now on.


Evolution follows universal laws of process to higher and more integrated stages of development.

Unesco document on the life and work of Herbert Spencer

Man can learn from nature's altruistic behavior – "If we help others in times of their need, we ourselves may get help when we are in trouble, and in the end, our human race will have better chances of survival."

News Article: "Help yourself - Be selfless"

"As a society, we have to learn better how to learn – I call it social learning; it is the dynamism for change that could lead us to a new kind of society that will not destroy itself from its own excesses… for we must share a vision for a new society before we can realize it."

Evolutionary Ethics: Vision and Values for a World of Insurmountable Opportunities

"That's why this moment matters. We are creating a blueprint together—a design for our collective future."

Book: Program or Be Programmed

Engage Yourself

Question 1: Choose the most precise definition of the purpose of the course from the following definitions:

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Now it’s time to stretch a bit from off of your chair, get up, get your blood flowing in your entire body, stretch your arms upward, and take a deep breath. The goal is for you to be able to continue the course with energy and joy. (If it’s a home course, we can suggest the person get something to drink, a glass of water, and please use any other original ideas to get refreshed.)


Question 2: After doing the short physical exercises to become refreshed, review the topics learned in this unit, up to now. You can go over the names of the video clips, the texts, the questions and your answers. And now, please write 3 central principles that you remember, which impacted you in particular:

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