Session 6 – Accelerating Development


Two forces of development affect us: 1) a force that comes through Nature and pushes us from behind, and 2) a force that we create and develop, we call it "creating the correct environment." If we create the proper environment, it gives us a "springboard," from which we can advance.

If we use an example from nature—like fruit growing on a tree—we can  develop from bad states to good ones. If we use the natural method, we can advance quickly and pleasantly through the necessary stages of our development, without having to be pushed from behind by blows and suffering. We will develop favorably and pleasantly by creating the right games, the right means, intelligent explanations, and all kinds of positive and pleasant influences.

Today we're in such a tragic situation, a comprehensive crisis, even with all the technology we have at our disposal, humanity seems helpless. We are truly like a baby alone, in the middle of a room feeling lost and abandoned, not knowing what to do.

We can't see anything good ahead of us. The crisis is all encompassing: in families, education, culture, ecology, drugs, science, and especially the current crisis in the economy. We don't know what to expect anymore. For all we know, in two weeks there can be a hurricane or an earhquake that will leave us without power, or even our most basic needs. This situation exists everywhere, and no corner of our planet has been left untouched.

Can we set these things straight and change this path we're on? We can! — By using the natural, integral method and by creating the proper environment. It took us thousands of years to develop and to come to realize it would be beneficial to offer children such options as games, computers, music, dance, swimming, sports, as a means for proper development. Perhaps we should also do these things in human society?

If we want to develop something more quickly, we need to build "an apparatus" that accelerates development, like an incubator for eggs. We can't wait until they hatch. If we wait for the eggs to hatch without creating our own incubator—which is the environment—it might be too late for mankind.

In other words, by creating the proper, integral environment, we can provide ourselves with an easier development. We can avoid all kinds of disasters along the way.

By providing such an environment, we can provide, like a child in a close-knit family that is provided with all he or she needs, that child can be nurtured and sheltered from all the problems of the world. It would receive all it needs to develop and to become a productive member of society. It is incumbant upon us to find the means, and create the proper environment for our children. In fact, our survival as a species depends on us doing it, now!


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Two forms of development stand before us: one through disasters, suffering, and crisis, and the other built by an environment that will pull us forward to quick and pleasant advancement.

Main Points

  • Humanity is in a crisis in all fields of life and doesn't know how to exit it. or where it is all advancing to.
  • Thousands of years of development have brought us to this crisis state, and also to the ability to organize for ourselves an environment that will develop us quickly to the good state.
  • We should educate our children through the correct environment.


"More frightened of isolation than of committing an error, they joined the masses even though they didn't agree with them"

Article: "The Spiral of Silence: A Theory of Public Opinion"

"Many examples for how our pleasure from food, sex, artwork etc. is determined by meaning and values that our environment attributes to the above."

"How Pleasure Works" - video by

"This is 23-year-old Oxana Malaya reverting to behaviour she learnt as a young child when she was brought up by a pack of dogs on a rundown farm in the village of Novaya Blagoveschenka, in the Ukraine."

News Article: "Cry of an enfant sauvage"

"The mere presence of other bystanders greatly decreases intervention. This happens because as the number of bystanders increases, any given bystander is less likely to interpret the incident as a problem, and less likely to assume responsibility for taking action."

"Bystander effect" -

"There are a set of social psychological variables that can make ordinary people do things they could never have imagined doing."

"The Stanford Prison Experiment " - video by HeroicImaginationTV

"Cooley destroys the belief that human nature has some content and meaning superior to the social order. The individual is the mirror image of the society."

Book: "Human Nature and the Social Order"

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Question 1: We all know that children learn from examples. We all do, but children especially absorb what is around them. The following clip sharpens the sensation of how true this really is and shows precisely how much a good example is critical for child development. Watch the clip and write what sort of an environment you would want to build around your children in order to ensure a good life for them.

Question 2: And what environment would you like to build for you?

Question 3: According to the lesson text, how are we able to develop with maximal speed and comfort?

Question 4: According to everything we studied so far, why is humanity suffering?

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