Session 9 – The Game of Life


It is clear that all we need is a good environment. What does a good environment give us? Through a good environment, I begin to feel the negative parts of my own nature in contrast to it—that I'm a selfish egoist, that I don't really want to bond and connect with others, that I am lazy, uncaring, and mostly indifferent to what I perceive does not directly benefit myself. We don't like to look at this about ourselves, but in truth, there are many such qualities in me that don't really want to develop. Yet, it is precisely through the recognition of the bad in me that I more fully understand that we must create a better environment, an even better society.

It's like a person who joins a sports team and needs his teammates to push and pull him, and "throw" him into the center of the game. By this influence, he will then absorb the goodness of the environment, and the importance and joy for the game, and he will transform by this good team influence. In other words, we don't need to develop just any environment, but rather, we must develop one that cares for each and every one, so that no one remains idle and outside of the game. Just as kids grow smarter by playing, and just as they grow stronger through games and develop toward adulthood, we too, through our own games that we develop and through a society that is organized for the best development of each and everyone, will achieve our perfect form. It is in this way that we will transcend all crises, and reach a good life.


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The example of a good environment shows me the bad in me, that there are attributes in me that are against connection and against development, and therefore, an even better society needs to be arranged in order to draw me even more towards connection and developing on the good path.

Main Points

  • Through our games within the society that advances us, we will reach our perfect form and a good life, in a nice and comfortable way.


Humanity is a living organism and each cell.(or single organ) has maximum benefit when the entire organism works together.

Article: Organic Democracy (Part 2): Adaptive, Responsive, Life-Sustaining Communities

But sometimes something happens that triggers a phase change. Individuals unite into a team, a movement or a nation,which is far more than the sum of its parts.

Jonathan Haidt: Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence, TED talks(video)

A supportive environment allows learning which changes the self - Learning which involves a change in self-organization, or the perception of the self, is threatening, and tends to be resisted.

Paper: "Carl Rogers and Humanistic Education"

"...contributing to the success of a joint project for the benefit of one's group, even at a personal cost, evokes feelings of satisfaction and pride. Failing to do so is often a source of shame or guilt."

A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution

Engage Yourself

Question 1: What is your feeling about the following sentence: "Through a good environment, I begin to feel the negative parts of my own nature in contrast to it—that I'm a selfish egoist."?

If you selected "Other," please specify here:

Question 2:

a. There are several relative advantages in being a turtle. Your house goes with you everywhere, there is nowhere to hurry to, and you will always be remembered for that time you beat the arrogant hare in the running competition. smiley But what happens to a turtle that is flipped onto his back as he reaches in despair, unsuccessfully with his feet, trying to flip back over? In such a situation as this, it is good to be in a good environment. See what we mean in this video clip. [link to video here, if needed.]

a. Do you know a clip/song with a similar message, which emphasizes the importance of the environment and connection with friends? if so, you are invited to share a link to it below. Please also give a short description after each link you provide. (if you cannot think of a video or song off the top of your head, please try to find one on youtube, or vimeo, or ...)

b. Since we have now been impressed with the mutual guarantee between turtles, we can examine what occurs in humanity with regard to mutual responsibility and guarantee between people.

Watch this video of a social experiment. [link to video here, if needed.]

What must we learn from this? What conclusions rise from the comparison between turtles and people that are connected to the topic of this lesson, and specifically to the material of this entire educational course?

c. Now return to Question 1 above, and internally answer it again. Did your feelings change as a result of watching the clips?

If your feelings changed or intensified in any direction, please explain below:

If one of the items marked above is "Other," please specify here:

Question 4:

a. Describe a situation from your life experience where through the influence of the environment, a good society, someone you know lifted out of a bad habit, or from a state of apathy:

b. What was special about the environment/society that was around him/her that helped him/her overcome and exit his state?