Session 11 - A New Humanity


In the near future, humanity will rid itself of all redundant occupations other than those considered necessary, meaning provision of necessities for life under reasonable conditions. People will work 2-3 hours daily to provide for their necessities and the rest of the time will be free.

This free time will be used for designing our environments, affecting ourselves and everybody, each affecting all the others. We will take part in trainings so that around each of us there will be appropriate influences from several environments and societies in which we will continually grow in the ideal way.

When we tend to fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse, we provide them with all the conditions they need, and in the right combinations to grow well. The result is a wholesome, sweet fruit. We will have to apply the same process to ourselves and to our children. This will be man's primary occupation in the new era.

It is not a coincidence that the crisis is not a negative one but a positive one. It's the birth of a new society, a new humanity. In it, we are beginning to "redesign" ourselves in a new degree of connectedness, implementing that full potential that exists in each of us.


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Free time in the new society will comprise most of the day and will be dedicated to building the right environment.

Main Points

  • The global crisis is in fact the birth of a new human society guiding humanity to a state of connection, a state in which the entire human ability will be realized.


"Education for leisure should aim at enriching the knowledge and skills of those to whom it is addressed and at enabling them to use their leisure time in order to improve their quality of life."

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Report - "Education for eisure activities" - Committee on Culture, Science and Education

"People's growing desire for experiences brings with it not only a desire to strengthen their bonds and enjoy good times with family and friends, but also a desire for knowledge and self-improvement."

Article: The future of leisure time; the new value equation

"Economic science must undergo a fundamental paradigm shift to recast the modern world in bioeconomic terms as a collective survival enterprise incorporating both cooperative and competitive strategies."

The Cooperation Commons - Summary of: Evolutionary Economics: Metaphor or Unifying Paradigm?

"Every serious student of the subject knows that the stability of a civilisation depends finally on the wisdom with which it distributes its wealth and allots its burdens of labour, and on the veracity of the instruction it provides for its children." quotes

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"People will work 2-3 hours daily to provide for their necessities, and the rest of the time will be free."

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Question 2: When we reach the state of a new society, how will education take place in practice?

Question 3: What is the realization of the maximum potential of all of humanity?

Question 4: Who do you think will participate in shaping the new society in their free time?

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"The crisis is not a negative crisis, but rather a positive one. It is a birth of a new society, a new humanity, where we truly begin to shape ourselves to a new level of connection, of applying the ability that each and every one has."

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