Session 7 – Like Lovebirds


Here's where we arrive at the solution. the current crisis is a global and integral crisis, meaning that on the one hand, a crisis, a plight, is forming throughout the world, and on the other hand, this foreboding situation is actually a demonstration of our lack of development. The situation we see today is that we are totally dependent on one another. All our studies show that we are absolutely interdependent, and our inability to connect among us is the source of all the troubles, because we are making our own lives miserable, unsafe, and very frightening and inhibiting. Something is stopping us from bonding in the right way because by bonding, we would eliminate the majority of the problems.

We can also see it in the process of development we've gone through. From generation to generation, humanity increased its integration, cooperation, and interdependence among people, in education and culture, in industry and so forth. Now we have come to a state where we're not only dependent on each other for salary, livelihood, or the banking system; we are dependent on each other in a human way. That is, we've come to a point where we cannot be connected to each other, and that lack of connection among us is what's creating our inability to connect correctly and bring ourselves a more secure life. We're like a family, a husband and wife, who are living in the same house but cannot get along, except we have nowhere to go. We can't leave Earth and just take off.

From all the studies published on this topic, we learn that the desirable way for us to develop is by bonding, by being connected truly like lovebirds. If all of humanity arrives at a state of comprehensive connectedness, we will all be happy. This makes what we must do quite clear; we must build such an environment that will teach us how to be properly connected.


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We have reached a state in which we aren't capable of being connected to each other. It is this lack of connection that is the reason for our inability to secure a good life for ourselves.

Main Points

  • So far, human development has been expressed through our mutual dependence, which has grown within several different fields, such as education, industry, culture, and demographics.

The solution: Build for ourselves an environment that will teach us how to be connected correctly.


Educational systems must guard against destructive competition - "...the desire for the approval of one's fellow-man certainly is one of the most important binding powers of society."

Quote from Albert Einstein's 1936 Essay, "On Education"

"Researcher reports findings in alcoholism treatment quarterly(journal), says other chronically ill patients may benefit too from helping others."

Medical Article: "Helping Others Helps Alcoholics Stay on the Road to Recovery, Case Western Reserve Research Shows"

"The first steps to initiating beneficial societal development begins by connecting through conversation."

From the book, "Turning to One Another: simple conversations to restore hope to the future"

"To reach that new level of global ethics, we may need nothing less than a moral revolution in our thinking, a new moral norm, a global moral revolution, to fit the modern problems we are facing today and in the future."

Lecture: "For a Better Global Civilization"

Engage Yourself

Question 1:
How do you feel about this quote from the lesson?

"The situation we see today is that we are totally dependent on one another."

(Select the answer with which you identify.)

Question 2: One of the prominent signs of the increasing connection between people around the world is the rise of social networks like "Facebook". A new study that was conducted by Facebook and the University of Milan, proves it scientifically. Read the following article to learn about the results of this study.


Please share your impressions about this information:

Question 3: The human brain is a most complicated organ. Only in the last few years we are beginning to understand its complexity and unique abilities. One of the interesting discoveries on the function of the brain is "the Mirror Neurons". In the following video lecture the brain researching neuroscientist, V.S. Ramachandran, connects the degree of connection between people with the functioning of the mirror neurons. These fascinating 7 minutes are surprising and eye opening. Enjoy this! [link to video here, if needed.]

After reading and watching the clip, how do you feel about the saying that we are totally dependent on one another?

Question 4: When you read the following sentence from the lesson text:

"If all of humanity arrives at a state of comprehensive connectedness, we will all be happy. This makes it quite clear what we must do. We must build an environment, which will teach us how to be properly connected."

... to what degree do you feel hope and security? (1- lowest, 5- highest)

Question 5: How is mutual dependency expressed in our days?