Integral Education Course - Summary of Study Unit 3

Concluding Unit Summary:

Humanity has reached a unique state in its development, enabling it to now fulfill the purpose of its existence – attaining the complete and perfect goodness.

Humans have always developed by uncontrollable drives, which motivated and led them to always strive to reach for a better state. We constantly developed science, and used it in order to learn from nature how to improve our situation. Humanity's entire advancement toward a better state was meant to benefit people's physiological desires, the desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, and education.

Now, for the first time in history, nature is beginning to be revealed as one, global system, which operates interdependently and cooperatively amongst all of its parts. Thus, the future of humanity depends entirely on the environment—just like all the other parts of nature. The natural expression of any behavior or action that is contrary to this cohesion and harmonious unity, manifests as a crisis, just like the crisis humanity has begun to experience in recent years. The crisis obligates people to cease their inner, selfishly egoistic view, and to begin looking outside of themselves toward others, to feel the other person and to be included with them.

The global crisis is actually the birth of a new human society, directing humanity to a state of unity, a state in which the entire ability of humanity will be realized. Since this situation is new and unfamiliar to all of humanity, an educational system must be created, which will teach humanity about this interdependence in our environment.

A person's free choice is limited and designed by the environment, even especially from one's childhood. The environment is actually always involved, influencing all of a person's decisions. Thus, the realization of one's qualities and inclinations depends on the environment in which one lives. For this reason, educating humanity can only be carried out through the environment.

The role of the educating environment is to increase the naturally positive inclinations in people, and to not suppress the unwanted qualities, but rather to use them properly. We need to create a wide variety of forms of a good environment, in order to be easily adapted to all of humanity, no matter what the age, the form of character and inclination, and according to each nation's education, culture, traditions, and habits in order to educate and internally enrich all of humanity. In this way, people will become relaxed and comfortable, and we will benefit from this confidence, security, happiness, and prosperity.

The educating society should also educate toward preserving the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of life, especially preserving the ecological environment, which sustains all of humanity. However, the society's main role is to educate humanity to reach a common denominator; connecting all human beings and drawing all of them closer together. This will enable humanity to operate in accordance with all of of life's beautifully integrated Nature.

In the new society, free time will constitute most of the hours of the day, and it will be devoted to people merging with a variety of societies/groups. This wondrous integration will influence the person and his/her qualities, along with redesigning and shaping his/her nature and desires. This is how all of humanity will be kindly led to its new development, to a new era where the new evolutionary level of humanity in Nature experiences reality from a collective feeling, rather than from an individual one. This beautiful new level is called "the speaking degree."

The transition to this new dimension occurs when people attain an extensively varied and broad spectrum of contradictory of contradictory insights and emotions about the world. People can adopt these insights by merging with other people's thoughts and emotions. The more individuals merge with others, the more they will expand and absorb further emotions and realizations which will become part of them. Thus, the individual will expand the way in which he perceives the force that is embedded in Nature. This beautiful force of love is revealed to people as their own root, and as the root of all of Creation, from its initial development.

We all must transfer from a selfishly egoistic view, which is concentrated on me, me, me: what I lack, what I should eat, when I should sleep—which is similar to that of a developed beast—to an altruistic global view; a view independent of the body, one which reveals that Creation and Nature operate according to a harmoniously perfect and precise plan. The intellect and the emotion existing in the enlightened world are uncovered to people reaching for "the speaking degree," and then the revelation of the purpose of Creation is also revealed.

Our process of learning how we can develop into what is called "the new humanity" is to practice what we learn in these good environments unceasingly, until all the studying and practicing reach a single accumulation of development, and a "new man" is born.

~ Concluding Unit 3 Summary - Questions and Tasks:

What is the connection between the process of human development from ancient times to the present day, to the global interconnection, which is starting to be revealed in all areas of life and all over the world?

Why is building a good environment the solution to human nature's lack of adaptation to the mutual connection that is being revealed amongst all of humanity at this time?

What are the advantages for the individual in being in connection with one's environment? (Specify at least two advantages.)

What is the correct approach to the uniqueness of each person while building the appropriate good environment, and while forming closer connection amongst us?

Summarize 4 or 5 main points from the main things you have learned so far in all the study units.