Session 12 – Conscious Developments


We already know what needs to be done in order to spare ourselves blows from nature. We've talked about the stages of development—that the more something is developed, the more it undergoes states that are on the other extreme from the good as it develops. Now we are embarking on a development in which we must develop ourselves, by ourselves.

We see that the stages in our development are very dramatic. Compared to all the developments of the past—which occurred entirely by Nature's "pushing" without being able to control the pace nor the form of our development—now, both the pace and the way we develop depend on us. They depend on our awareness, on the extent to which we understand our future form, and on the extent to which we promote ourselves toward them.

This is why the crisis is global—we've stopped developing. We will remain in a stand- still until we understand that in each of the next stages in our development we must first cultivate a desire for it, and increase our awareness toward the development. In other words, henceforth our growth will no longer be instinctive, as in all the generations thus far. Instead, it will take place by increasing our awareness at each stage.

This is the meaning of being at the human stage of development, the "speaking" degree. Something new is evolving, an understanding of Nature, of the goal, and of myself being included in Nature's system, and perceiving it.


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Man, as the developed degree in nature, should be concerned with developing his awareness to the process he is in, and his role as a conscious entity within the process.

Main Points

  • Our development on the path of misery or on the good path depends on our awareness of the process of development.
  • The education of humanity will be carried out by those who know how to spare us blows.
  • Man, as the most developed degree in nature, is undergoing the most extreme and unbecoming states.
  • We are at the last stage of our development, in which we experience the global crisis, wherein our development has stopped.


"The resources needed to sustain mankind's tenancy on Earth are present and available. How they will be used will determine the future insofar as that future may be shaped by human minds and hands."

"Is Humanity Destined to Self-Destruct?" Part 6

"As technology has advanced we have found ways to outsource our mental capacities to our tools so much more our ability to manipulate physical world has increased in exponential fashion so we have been able to shrink a lag time between our imaginings and their instantiations in the real world."

From the video: Beginning of Infinity - A Mashup of techno-optimism!

"The evolution of our species has not come to an end. Human beings are not a finished product, but instead a perpetually unfinished process, a moving target, and our current state, the human condition, is not the final word on the subject."

Excerpt from the book "Ego" from the section "The Human Condition"

Engage Yourself

Question 1: There is increasing awareness to the change the world is undergoing, from a "linear" world to an integral one. One of the most fascinating scenes for discussions and creative art on the subject is the internet network (which in itself is a particularly outstanding example of the increasing interconnectedness in the world). One of the most interesting voices in the discussion on the network concerning the integral world, and in general, is Jason Silva. Jason is an author, filmmaker, and television personality.

In the following video clip, Silva discusses the exciting possibilities facing us regarding technological development and conscious development. Watch the video clip (the sharp-eyed among you will recognize Silva from the Occupy Wall Street video clip from a previous session) and choose the sentence which most precisely describes your feelings about the things said in the video clip. [link to video here, if needed.]

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Question 2: What does the development of humanity depend on from now on?

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