Integral Education Course - Summary of Study Unit 2

Concluding Unit Summary:

Humanity has reached a crucial stage in its development over many years, and this crucial stage is characterized by the beginning of the global crisis. We, as a species called human, don't know where our development is headed; therefore, we can't prepare good conditions for the correct development of the next generation. Even technological development is no longer sufficient for bringing us satisfaction and happiness. Humanity as a whole, lacks good counseling and training on how to develop a good feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

As we approach understanding the reasons for the crisis, we need to understand the process of humanity's development from a broad perspective, rather than specifically. This process resembles the process of development and life cycle that an apple goes through. From the immature state of being initially unripe and bitter-tasting, it gradually matures and becomes ripe and sweet. Without first going through the stage of being unripe, it can't ever reach the stage of being ripe. So it is in the end with humanity, which will also reach its sweet and completely mature end state.

All of nature's systems are developing us to be its highest degree. Unlike animals, we have to develop our intellect and our emotions, perceiving and feeling the general law of Nature's development in us, in order for us to consciously reach it ourselves. and not only out of a drive coming from Nature's comprehensive system, which provides us external stimuli, these external forms of connection between people. There are two forms of development before us: one is by being pushed from behind through blows and crises, and the other is by building an environment which will pull and attract us forward, toward a conscious development that is quick, pleasant, and beautiful.

The global crisis is showing us that we are all in complete interdependence, yet we aren't capable of uniting together, which is what is needed, and that is why we're suffering. Our current situation in humanity is similar to that of a struggling family that is living together in the same house, yet is incapable of connecting and relating to one another correctly. Yet unlike in today's families, our one global human family doesn't have the option of divorce, since we have this one home that we must share together, and from this, we cannot escape. Hence, as we have said, in order to acquire these new abilites, we must first build a supportive environment (society) for ourselves, which will teach us how to connect and relate correctly amongst us.

The correct environment can be built by wise people, scientists, and people with a broad and deep view of life, who understand the process well. The environment we'll build together should influence us through providing examples of connection between people; these should be gloriously tempting examples that will attract us to enter within it, to be included in it, to resemble it, to act it out until we ourselves, become that environment.

When we will begin to enter such a good environment, by our contrast to it, we will begin to reveal the worst qualities within us. We'll discover that we actually have natural qualities that exist within us that are against unity, and against development. And it is particularly for this reason that we must arrange a great and supportive society for ourselves, one that is ever better, in order to attract us even more toward unity and the best positive development through goodness, which will counter any negative qualities that will be revealed within each of us.

This good environment will lead us to the final perfect form, toward which Nature is evolving and developing us anyway; but through a good environment, our development will be in the best and most gentle, good, and pleasant way.

In summary, it can be said that in the natural process of the development of humanity toward becoming the most developed degree within Nature, we have reached a state from which, from now on, we have to take care of ourselves, and be concerned with doing everything necessary for developing our conscious awareness to the process that we're in, and to our role as a conscious entity within the process. This is what will determine whether our required development will reach its goal through suffering, or through a beautifully pleasant and positive method of developing relationship.

Also as parents, we want our children to grow up in such an environment—an environment that teaches the child through warmth, loving support, and good attitudes and relations among the children, who will always have fun learning how to unite together, trust each other, to have proper confidence, and to not be afraid of the cruelty of human nature. Also with regard to a child's nature, it is important to learn about not boasting over the top of others, to not abuse the attitude and feeling of arrogance over others, but to instead too be given a supportive and soft place that enables the child to develop to the level of human.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can now clearly see that the crisis we are experiencing is actually a wonderful and exciting new opening—the gift of an opportunity for the birth of a new humanity.

~ Concluding Unit 2 Summary - Questions and Tasks:


Why is the developmental stage we're now in a crucial stage, and how should we prepare for it?

How does the development of humanity resemble the development of an apple?

What is the importance of the environment in the development of humanity in general, and in preparation for the next stage of development in particular?

What is the connection between the global crisis and the next stage of the development of humanity?

Describe at least three positive results of building a correct environment, which is crucial to advancing to the next developmental stage?