Session 3 - No Future in Sight


The reason we are defining the new state as a general revolution or a birth of the whole of humanity, and not the birth of a certain country or society, is that the situation is manifesting all over the world. It is showing us how we are all connected and affect one another. It is a global state, occurring everywhere, in every country, and in each person. Indeed, it is an unprecedented situation.

But most importantly, we cannot see a future. Throughout history, we've always advanced toward more developed societies, replacing one for another. Indeed, these changes happened through revolutions and wars over religion, resources, and territories, but we've always felt like we were headed toward a new and better situation.

But while in the past, part of society agreed and welcomed the new situation and another part did not, or one country sensed the change and another did not, today no one has any clue as to the nature of the forming state. This has never happened.

Throughout the world, a global eco-shift is happening. Previous climate changes induced great changes in humanity, changes that prompted revolutions. Thus, the ice age forced the Northern peoples to migrate southward, or move from Siberia and Asia closer to Europe.

But now, the changes are all happening simultaneously. There were times when changes took place due to climate change; there were changes that resulted from technological advances, or from resistance to some government. Yet, now the changes are all happening simultaneously, through ecology and through man's inner nature—which cannot find peace and success even when it comes to necessities, such as the continuation of the next generation or such necessary systems as food provision, heating, family, and education. We have become dysfunctional. And most importantly, we cannot see the shape of the future toward which we are heading.


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In our time, we cannot see where humanity is heading. The future is unclear.

Main Points

  • Today, we are faced with a global transformation.
  • Crises on all levels, from the natural environment to man’s personal life, are taking place all at the same time.


"In many areas we are approaching the tipping point that will lead to collapse of ecosystems ... If the natural systems that support life on earth collapse then humanity is going to collapse."

"We are experiencing the greatest wave of extinctions since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. Extinction rates are rising by a factor of up to 1,000 above natural rates."

"The Rate of Extinction: 3 Species per Hour"

" students' self-reported empathy has declined since 1980, with an especially steep drop in the past 10 years."

"...almost 75 percent of students today rate themselves as less empathic than the average student 30 years ago."

"What, Me Care? Young Are Less Empathetic"

Engage Yourself

Question 4: In his article "Going South," Barry K. Gills, Professor of Global Politics at the University of Newcastle in England, writes that "the current protracted and severe financial and economic crisis is only one aspect of a larger multidimensional set of simultaneous and interacting crises on a global scale."

This next activity is going to take a bit of time to complete, and it will exercise your research skills. Browse through the 2012 Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum, and select at least 4 different risks that worry you more than others.

List the risks you decide upon below, and explain why you feel they are more of a concern than some of the other risks listed. [Note: If you have difficulty navigating this report on the website, you may find it helpful to select “Download PDF” on the first page, and navigate through the report using the PDF document.]

Question 3: Why do you think we (the creators of this course) find it important to list all the areas touched by the crisis: family, economy, education, ecology, etc.?

Question 2: From the descriptions of the sequencing of events below, in what sequence of events would you position the global crisis?

Question 1: Enjoy the following clip entitled “Because we're all connected.” [link to video clip here, if needed].

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