Session 2 - Life's Race


We develop through drives, urges, desires that constantly arise from within us. Each and every moment, at each stage, a new desire evolves within each of us, and by our nature, we are drawn to follow the new desire,. It is just the same as when children want different things each moment. If we really examine ourselves as adults, we will also see that our development is moving along in the same way as a child's development. We want to eat, to drink, to see something interesting, to go to sleep, and because we have no choice, we must also work for a living.

I am constantly, at each and every moment, developing under the influence of several forces. There is a force that compellingly pushes me from behind, driving me to work or to do some errands. I have to organize things, and prepare things, since nothing merely comes to me from the obvious, as though simply some pleasure would come to me and fill me precisely according to what I want. We don't see such things in life and nothing simply comes to us easily.


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People develop by means of uncontrollable drives, urges, desires that are constantly coming from within them.

Main Points

  • Nothing coming to us in life can be taken for granted.


"McClelland's Need Theory, created by a psychologist David McClelland, is a motivational model that attempts to explain how the needs for achievement, power and affiliation affect the actions of people from a managerial context."


Engage Yourself

Question 1:

We would like to conduct a little experiment with you. Are you ready? Don't worry, for this first part, there is no right or wrong answer.

Do not read ahead to the answers below. While reading these words, at this very moment right now, try to identify which desire is currently aroused in you. Once you have it, proceed forward to letter a.

a. Please select from below the main desire you identify with right now.

If you selected "Other," please type in your answer here:

Okay. That was easy enough. Remember, we are still in experiment mode.

b. Since new desires are constantly coming from within you, we will now wait 5 seconds and try again to identify the current desire that is aroused in you.  1…2…3…4…5… What desire has now been aroused in you? The desire for:

c. A few minutes have passed since we began the experiment, and we're moving on to the last stage.

Please watch the video clip below. [the link is here, if needed]

What desire has now been aroused in you? The desire for:

d. Can you identify where those desires stemmed from?

e. Do you feel you had the option of controlling them?

We’ve concluded the experiment for now. We’ll get back to it later on.


Question 2: According to the text of the lesson, the desires arising in a person throughout his development:

Question 3: What statement from the lesson transcript text do you identify with? Write it in detail in your own words below: