Session 15 - Conscious Development


We are in a very special situation. Research is showing that we are moving away from the way things are currently happening in our world toward a new dimension, a new level of existence. We are actually leaping into a new degree, being born into a new world.


There are different rules in this world, ones that Nature has already begun to introduce to us. These are the integral rules, the laws of mutual dependence, the "round" world, a world of equality and unity. These are laws by which we live as a healthy family.


But does it only seem to us that we are heading toward such a world? Are we only dreaming about it or is this the state that actually awaits humanity, and that we are bound to reach, either willingly and consciously, or by forces that are impelling us? If this is the situation, it will certainly be good if we studied the laws of the integral world, because then we would know how to shift to that state pleasantly and comfortably.


We have to study these laws because in our previous development, we evolved by Nature's push from behind, through our new desire. Today it isn't so. Today we are at a dead-end. We must study our next step by ourselves—what it's for and how we should accomplish it. When we reveal this new life, we will see it.


We will also have to learn by which means we arrive at this new life. Unlike the instinctive developments we've had in all the previous generations—shifting from state to state, from one social state to another, to different forms of society—now, we must evolve consciously. Therefore, we must come to understand Nature's laws. Then, along with realizing these laws, by understanding and knowing ourselves and the human society, we will shift to the new state.


It is as though we are giving birth to ourselves. This time, we must rise up and look at ourselves from above, at our situation and at what we are going through. This has never happened to us. We've always gone with the flow, taken the chances that came our way, and we've revolted. Today we must rise in our awareness and above our lives, see the earth and the whole of the human society from a global perspective, and then evolve further.


It is the first time that Nature demands of each of us to clearly know who we are, the kind of world we live in, and the state toward which we are developing. It is the first time we are being demanded to be "human," human in the sense that we know and understand the essence of life.


Therefore, we need to understand that our course is not meant to merely be a pleasant way to pass the time. It is intended to help us revolutionize our lives, to elevate them to a new level, to wholeness.


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So far, we have developed without awareness, unconsciously. Today, nature demands of us to develop concsciously, with awareness, and to take an active part in the process.


"The evolution of our species has not come to an end. Human beings are not a finished product, but instead a perpetually unfinished process, a moving target, and our current state, the human condition, is not the final word on the subject."

"Ego" - the book

"If the world's peoples developed a more holistic appreciation of the intricate interconnections binding us to one another and to nature, it is argued, we would internalize social and environmental externalities, consider the welfare of future generations in making
decisions today, and act in consonance with our collective long term best interests."

"Sustaining Sustainability: Creating a Systems Science in a Fragmented Academy and Polarized World"

"According to a new computer model, the brains of humans and related primates are so large because we evolved to be social creatures. The results suggest that the mere existence of cooperation is enough to make brains evolve to be more complex"

"Teamwork Builds Big Brains" -

"The noosphere is a "planetary thinking network" - an interlinked system of consciousness and information, a global net of self-awareness, instantaneous feedback, and planetary communication."

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Question 4: We are almost at the end of our first study unit for this course, so of course, it's time to watch The Evolution of Man According to the Simpsons.

Is the peak of our evolutional development lying on the couch and staring at the TV, or were we destined for more than that?!

Question 3: Summarize the main points of this session in a few sentences, and write down in your opinion, why we chose the need to develop consciously, with awareness, as the main topic of the lesson, even though additional topics are presented in it.

Question 2: How is the current developmental stage different than all the previous developmental stages?

Question 1: Please view the following clip below, then write your answer to the questions "who are we?" and "What are we destined to be?" [link to clip here, if needed.]

"Who are we?" and "What are we destined to be?"