Session 17 - The New Dimension


By rising above the ego into general concern, I discover the design and purpose of creation, Nature's intention, where nothing evolves by chance and all runs according to a plan. I become able to see the plan the minute I begin to rise to the integral vision, when I begin to connect myself with others, this is when I begin to perceive that integral vision. It's as if I change my view by looking through "round" glasses, integral ones, where I see the whole of Nature.


It's not that I receive anything from integrality for my personal body, that this is better than that, that I want to sleep, or eat. I don't corporeally live in it. Rather, I live on a level where I look at life without being dependent on my body. I look at Nature in a manner that transcends the body, as if I'm not in it. I judge, examine, and scrutinize life with the mind and heart of the whole of humanity. It is a completely different degree from the one I am in, here and now.


Here, I'm just like any other beast, slightly more developed, but it's uncertain in which direction, for better or for worse. By mingling with the whole of humanity I arrive at a new dimension, and I qualitatively change my perception of the world I am in; it becomes the real world. I don't look out through a narrow selfish crevice, seeing only what is to my benefit so that I may pull it in through this crack in the wall—eat a little, drink a little, rest a little, have some pleasures and that's it. Instead, I go out through the crack in the wall, really outside, and live there, in the integral world!


And there, the outlook is completely different, since it's not through the egoistic filter of "What's good for me?" where all I see are either what is good for me or what might harm me. Rather, I see the world regardless of me. This is called the "new dimension," the "speaking dimension." I discover the mind and heart that exist in that enlightened state outside my body, which is outside this selfish wall. I come out through the crack and discover the entire process of everything, the entire process of creation.


This is different, and it is something we cannot perceive here. We only discover a fraction of what might be there, like the dark matter in the universe. We don't perceive it, but the dark matter constitutes over 90% of all the matter in the universe. Thus, here we don't discover the inclusive mind and heart that are in the entire universe.


Scientists often talk about it. Cosmologists say that the collective mind and heart is something huge. But we can't feel it; it's like sounds we can't hear; we only hear a noise but can't actually discover it, since it is a dimension above us.


However, through the new, global senses, we will discover that dimension. Nature is pushing us to acquire it.


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A person who passes from an egotistical vision, which is focused on what I lack, to a global vision, a vision not dependent on his body, discovers that creation and nature are managed according to a perfect and precise program.

Main Points

  • Science recognizes the tremendous power of emotion and intellect, yet science claims that it is not within its ability to discover them, since emotion and intellect are found in a dimension higher than ours.
  • Nature is pushing us to acquire the integral dimension.


"As a society, we have to learn better how to learn – I call it social learning; it is the dynamism for change that could lead us to a new kind of society that will not destroy itself from its own excesses… for we must share a vision for a new society before we can realize it."


"That's why this moment matters. We are creating a blueprint together—a design for our collective future."

Book: Program or Be Programmed

"If we help others in times of their need, we ourselves may get help when we are in trouble, and in the end, our human race will have better chances of survival. ... Therefore, by showing consideration to people we meet, and by not being selfish about our own needs, we are not only aiding others, but also helping ourselves lead a better, healthier and more peaceful life. Furthermore, we can influence future generations through our own actions and pave the way for a better world."

Article: "Help yourself - Be selfless"

Engage Yourself

Question 1: Thomas Henry Huxley, was an English biologist and talented writer of popular science. He spoke about the development of humanity into a new dimension of existence:

“The various branches of science are integrated in order to prove that the universe as a whole can be considered as one gigantic process, a process of becoming, of attaining new levels of existence and organization, that can be called as it seems creation or evolution (development).”

Thomas Henry Huxley says that in order to prove that the universe is a gigantic process that is developing to new levels of existence, the various branches of science today need to be integrated, and to unify forces.   

In the previous learning session (Session 16) it was said:

“When I begin to connect myself with others, this is when I begin to perceive this integral vision. It’s as if I change my view by looking through “round” glasses, integral ones, where I see the whole of Nature.”

a. These two sections of this learning unit, the first being that of the English biologist, and the second being the transcript text, do, of course, emphasize an identical point.  What is that point in your opinion?  Please write your answer in your own words:


b. What is the benefit of a person beginning to be connected to others?

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c. At this point, do you feel that you would want to pass through a process like this, and feel this new dimension that is found above our regular life?

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Question 2: How do we discover the program of creation?

Question 3: What does the person discover who goes out from the “narrow crevice” of personal vision to the global, connected, integral vision?

Question 4: How does science relate to the new dimension of reality?