Session 19 - Every Person's Perfect Expression


Everything depends on the environment. Our only problem is determining how to set up such a diverse environment—an environment that is uniform for all people and suitable for everyone, so that anyone can acquire education through it, express oneself in the best, most appropriate way, and be connected to others in the integral system.

The purpose of the society is to bring everyone to unity, for in that unity, everyone will find his or her perfect expression.


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We need to organize a rich and diverse environment, which on the one hand, enables every individual to connect with others along with expressing one's identity and uniqueness in full, and on the other hand, creates a unified environment.

Main Points

  • Through unity, everyone finds his or her perfect expression.


"We are beginning to understand the impact of our individual and collective actions on ourselves and on the biosphere as a whole."

UNESCO Document: Educating for a Sustainable Future: A Transdisciplinary Vision for Concerted Action

"Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off."

Quotes Dictionary

"Cooperation thus is sustained by altruistic motivations that induce people to help others when not helping would result in their having higher fitness or other material rewards."


Engage Yourself

Question 1:

“The song says that no matter who you are or what your path is in life, at some point you will need somebody to stand at your side.”

These wise and warm words [sung by] the soul singer John Ridley, open the following video clip, which is entirely a song of praise for connection amongst people. Dozens of singers and musicians around the world gathered together, each one giving his/her unique voice, together creating a powerful, simple, and clear message. This video serves as a summary of this study unit, a moment before its completion here, please enjoy experiencing the video clip, and let your heart open wide. [link to video here, if needed]

Please share what thoughts and feelings of unity are evoked in you from this video:

Question 2: What are the main characteristics of the future environment?

Question 3: In the following video clip from the amazing "Table of Free Voices" event, we see caring examples of the diversity of our humanity, coming together to discuss many important topics. Watch the full video and take notes on what impresses you the most strongly. Find sayings and expressions to which you feel particularly connected. Try to identify expressions concerning the organization of a diverse environment, in which each one can express oneself and be connected with others in a positive way [link to video here, if needed]:

a. Please record your impressions from the video clip, as described above:

b. Can you find a similar message in another video clip/song? Please paste your link/s to what you find and write a few introductory words about it, along with how it connects to what you wrote above.