Session 13 – A New Perspective


In this last stage of humanity's development, the "fruit," meaning us, must acquire the sweet flavor, beautiful color, and pleasant fragrance of the ripe fruit. All these additions come from the fruit itself, according to Nature's love for it. Nature develops us like a mother cares for her child. We must achieve that same force of love, bestowal, and mutuality. We must achieve global connectedness among us and with Nature.

Such connectedness happens only by awareness—when I understand and feel this development, and how it moves us through how we experience it. We cannot guarantee a good life for people without them raising their levels of understanding, their perception and sensation. They must acquire this exalted awareness; they must know what kind of world they live in, and discover the whole of Nature.

Without each person becoming wise, knowing why he or she was born, what the nature that's promoting us is, and for what purpose, without all these things humanity will not advance, and  we will only suffer blows. In the end, everyone, each according to his or her personal ability, will have to acquire this wisdom.

This goal is not too lofty for us, as one might initially think. At school we study many topics—history, geography, botany, and geology—by which we learn about the evolution of civilization and about the continents. This is really just a continuation of that study because without this knowledge, without knowing the process that makes all of us dependent on each other, we will not be able to change ourselves.

We don't need to be super intelligent or scientists, but we do need to know the general big picture. It is similar to when you leave school. You may not remember much, but you're left with an impression that there is such a thing as history, that things happened 1,000 or 2,000 years ago, that there is geography, there are continents, there are biology, zoology, and botany. You may have forgotten all of the minute details of them, but their general picture was absorbed somewhere within you.

The same thing happens here, except now we are learning about the steps of our own future stages. We are being taught the most paramount element of our lives: how to make our lives and the lives of all humanity good. We don't need to memorize anything because the learning process will be accompanied by activities that will take place in a society that we will influence, and which will influence us. As a result, we will begin to arrange ourselves in relation to it. But for that to happen, we must learn about and be aware of the new world, the new society, the new perspective, and the global perspective regarding man and the world.


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In order to manage and feel good in the new world, first we need to be familiar with it, and with time we will reveal the whole of Nature.

Main Points

  • In order to feel good in this last stage of our development, we need to treat each other and Nature in the same nice, beautiful, and caring way that Nature treats us.
  • In order to reach this good relationship, people first need to know the world in which they live, and understand it so well that they will ascend further in their understanding and feeling of the world.


According to recent research studies, the development and large size of the human brain is because of the capacity to be a cooperative social species.

Article: "Teamwork Builds Big Brains"

Evolutionary stages in development for humanity to come together to unite into a higher state of existence.

TED Talk: Jonathan Haidt: Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence

"On a global scale, human civilization is a single organism capable of remarkable complex collective actions in response to environmental challenges."

Paper Abstract: Complexity Rising: From Human Beings to Human Civilization, a Complexity Profile

"At this fundamental level, everyone and everything that exists in the universe, whether animate or inanimate, is intimately related. And because all of this living and not-yet-living stuff owes its ultimate origin to a common genesis event (the Big Bang), we are all related in a family way."

Excerpt from the book, "The Intelligent Universe: AI, ET, and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos

Engage Yourself

Question 1: Suppose you were to fall asleep for a hundred years, awakening a hundred years later in the future world. How would that world look? Will there still be human beings in it? If so, how will they treat each other? What about technology?

Suppose now that you fell asleep, and you must view this video to wake up. [link to video here, if needed.]

Now, after watching the video clip, write the nicest, most optimistic picture of the world we'd like to live in that you can imagine, the world we'd like to give our children.

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Question 3: What does our good feeling depend on throughout the last stage of  humanity's development?

Question 4: How can we reach good and mutual relationships like we see in the whole of Nature?