Session 10 - Our Great Work


We need to understand that the environment as a cause is the solution to all our problems because that's the way it is in Nature. This is why when people do something wrong, instead of isolating them in prison, we should force them, by law, into a special society that will treat them and straighten them out, making them beneficial to society instead of harmful. This is the only gauge by which we should examine the influence of the environment on such a person, and accordingly release him back into the regular society, on condition that he has been corrected.

With children at school or in any other place we should always scrutinize, classify, and match the appropriate environment for each level, each age group, each character, and each tendency. Through influences of different environments on each person, from different angles, we can let every person develop in the optimal way. We have a versatile tool at our disposal, with numerous types of environments and societies. We should always strive to place people under such environments, from various directions, that will truly build them well.

It's like a fruit growing on a tree: it needs certain conditions such as heat and cold, day and night, moisture and dryness, and a certain blend of minerals. There are 39 different works to perform on a tree in order for it to bear fruit. The same applies to us, people. It should be a one-way thing. We have to influence a person in various manners of influence to produce a good fruit that's sweet for everyone.

This is why the environment is the only cause that we can use for correcting everything, all the evil that exists in man and in humanity as a result of our egos. We need only take that tool into our hands, set up the environment in all kinds of forms, all kinds of possibilities according to the culture, education, and customs of the nation and the civilization. This is how we should approach each section of the human society in every country and every person. This is our great work.


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We need to organize a correct environment tailored for every age, character, and disposition, according to the education, culture, and habits of every nation.

Main Points

  • The environment is the only factor that can correct a person.


"The many-body theory (or Many-body physics) is an area of physics which provides the framework for understanding the collective behavior of vast assemblies of interacting particles. In general terms, the many-body theory deals with effects that manifest themselves only in systems containing large numbers of constituents."

Article: Wikipedia

"Waddington used an important visual metaphor to describe the development of an individual organism –or part of an organism, such as an organ, tissue or even a specific cell. ...A key theme in this work is that the final form of an organism does not develop entirely and exclusively from a blueprint specified in the genetic program, but rather is a result of the way the genes interact with the environment throughout the developmental process." blog

Summary of the two and a half hour lecture by Dr. Bruce Lipton on the influence of the environment on human biology.

Summary of the DVD: The New Biology. Where Mind & Matter Meet.

Engage Yourself

Question 1: How do we educate people from a variety of nations, religions, beliefs, and cultures, who have different and unique qualities and tendencies?

Question 2: What ways are there to correct a person who has bad qualities?

Question 3: Dr. Bruce Lipton is a world renowned cell biologist, one of the first people to connect science and spirituality. In one of the talk shows he attended, Lipton talked about an interesting phenomenon:

"There is a very simple experiment that for us today is very clear cut: if I take a plastic petri dish* with cells in it, and I move it from a healthy environment to a less healthy environment, the cells would become sick. And if I was a doctor of cells, you would ask me: "What kind of drugs would you give these cells?" It turns out that no; I do not need to give any drugs to these cells. I just have to take the dish from the bad environment and put it back in the good environment, and the cells would naturally return to a good state of health."

(*A petri dish is a thin and transparent laboratory utensil for growing bacteria, fungi and tissue cultures for medical diagnostics and microbiological research.)

a. After reading the words of Dr. Bruce Lipton, to what extent do you think that the environment can affect a person and induce a positive change in him? (1 - lowest, 5 - highest)

b. How do you feel about the following proposition given in the study segment:

"So the environment is the only factor we can use, and through it, to correct everything, all the evil that there is in man and humanity, as a result of our ego."

Please explain your selected level of agreement:

Question 4: Apart from school, children, and people who are in prison mentioned in the last study segment, for what other types of people would you recommend organizing an environment through which they could develop optimally, and be as a "sweet fruit" to everyone?
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