Session 13 - As One Man in One Heart


We can divide the process we are going through into two parts:

1. In the first part of our evolution, the one we've been going through thus far, we have evolved without really using the environment, except quite by coincidence.

2. Now we are in a crisis, and not just a crisis but a global and integral one, where we feel that we don't have a choice but to develop through the environment in a certain way, toward a certain direction—of us becoming global and integral as well, tightly connected as one man in one heart, the whole of humanity.

We can obtain that through the right environment. This is the "speaking" degree, when we exit the "animate" degree, our coincidental life, and begin to aim ourselves toward becoming a wholesome fruit was nurtured in a greenhouse to the perfect state.

Let's hope that through this study we will know how to arrange the environment, and through the environment design each of us and the whole of humanity. This is why the topic, "The environment as the cause of our good future," is the main topic in all of our studies and activities. Let's hope that it will be accepted throughout the world and we will achieve a good life, a wholesome fruit.


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Humanity is shifting from an era of random evolution, to an era of conscious development through the environment.

Main Points

  • We must organize an environment that will educate and shape us and all mankind to live "as one man with one heart", so we will all reach the good life.


"The environment in which we live can increase substantially or significantly limit the human potential."

So Human An Animal: How We Are Shaped by Surroundings and Events

"Good education ought to make students well adapted to live in their environment. In the largest sense, "environment" means not only the family setting but also the political, economic and natural environments that surround young people as they grow up today. These environments have changed almost beyond recognition during the last few centuries; in fact, they have changed enormously during the last few decades, and consequently traditional education is in great need of revision."

"Learning to Live in Harmony"

"A better understanding of human nature may also help hu­mankind to promote cooperation and moral behaviour at the global level."

"EMOTIONAL AMORAL EGOISM": A Neurophilosophical Theory of Human Nature and its Universal Security Implications

Engage Yourself

Question 1:

“I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am”.

What do you say to that? Makes you wonder, eh? These words were said by Charles Horton Cooley, an American sociologist who greatly influenced psychological and sociological research.

How do you think we can use the logic described in Cooley’s quote, in order to build the right environment?

Question 2: What is “The era of coincidental evolution?”

Question 3: Who will teach the environment, and educate all to be “as one man with one heart?”

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