Integral Education Course - Unit 2

Unit Summary:

Humanity is in a process of evolution from one generation to the next, but we still do not know where we are developing to.

In fact, nature is bringing us to the perfect state in stages. Up until now, we evolved by a necessary and obligatory force, and we felt a crisis in many areas of life. From now on, we can improve, mitigate, and hasten our entire development through a nourishing and suitable environment.

We need to build an environment that will have a good influence on everyone, both adults and children, that will teach us how to be connected together, and as a result, we will feel a sense of warmth and a great confidence in life.

In this unit we will learn about:

  • The evolutionary process of humanity.
  • The environment as a model for development.
  • Conscious and unconscious development.
  • The system of connection between all parts of nature.

Guidelines for the student for the best use of this education kit:

  • Please study the lessons of this unit (in order) one after the other. Each lesson forms the basis for understanding the next lesson.
    1. Attentively watch and read the lesson, and do your best to "connect" to it. This entire course is an adventure, so prepare yourself to enter into the material accordingly! :)
    2. Read the text of the lesson (found in the Transcript Text), and personally summarize the main points of the lesson in a few sentences.
    3. Complete the activity tasks for the student, found in the "Engage Yourself" part of the lesson.
    4. Optional: How deep and wide do you want to go? Deepen and broaden your knowledge of each topic by using the enrichment materials—digging deeper into the "References" and any videos or material from the lesson that spark interest in you. Although the Reference material is listed as optional, it is highly recommended to go through it.
  • After studying all the lessons of the unit, answer the final exam questions in the Unit Summary at the end, and complete the feedback form.



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