Integral Education Course - Summary of Study Unit 1

Concluding Unit Summary:

The crisis that has revealed all over the world and through all walks of life today, is a new development opportunity that is actually good, just like a new birth.

Similar to the unknown factors for the child during the event of childbirth, it is not clear to us what the next step is for humanity to be born from this crisis. What is the new reality that we are supposed to be born into? Therefore, to move to the next developmental stage in a good and successful way, we must first understand what our situation is and what brought us to this state, and then we can understand where we are going.

To understand where we are and how we arrived into our situation, we need to know some of the forces and trends that affect and shape human society, and thus influence us as human beings:

  • Man is a social being, his happiness depends on connection with others.
  • The driving force behind the development of man is the desire to be happy.
  • Today, the egoistic desire has reached the end of its development, thus the future does not shine for us anymore.
  • The end of the development of our egos has brought us to a state of alienation and mutual hatred, while at the same time, it reveals that alienated people all over the world are actually mutually linked together.

As a result of all of the above, we are in a situation where on the one hand, we are interdependent, and on the other hand, we hate each other. This deadlock and the fact that it has appeared simultaneously all over the world, puts us all in global danger.

The only solution for our global human family is found in the necessary "domestic peace," where we learn how to rise above hatred and repair our relations and ties of mutual love. To do this, we must take into account the impact of human society--our environment--which has a crucial role in repairing the relationship.

In our quest for peace, we must learn about our psychology and the influence of human society. This materialistic psychology that we must come to understand is part of the laws of nature, and if we want to live a good life, we must know them and keep them.

For the first time in the history of humankind, nature requires us to take an active, conscious part in our development process, and not to be led by our egoistic nature in order to develop. We must together fix our relationships and thus, be born into the next developmental level--the level of human.

~ Concluding Unit 1 Summary - Questions and Tasks:

Early in Unit 1, we learned that the current crisis is affecting the world throughout all levels of society and life, but that it is actually an event that is like childbirth. Summarize below how the global crisis is similar to childbirth, and how it differs from it.

Briefly describe the objectives of integral education.

What is the driving force for the entirety of human development? Please give an example of how this driving force has effected you from your own life.

What are the reasons for the outbreak of the crisis in all areas of life?

How is the current state of humanity's development different from any other state of human development in all of history?