Integral Education Course - Summary of Study Unit 5

Concluding Unit Summary:

We need to make the interconnection of the mutual guarantee and the interdependent ties between all systems in nature--the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels, especially since in recent years, we have discovered that we are interdependent not only on a personal level, but also at the international level. This discovery of our interdependence is an ongoing process that has brought us the feeling that we are all on this one single planet together, and it must be used for the best benefit of all of us, as well as all of Nature. Humanity has reached the stage in our development where the law of mutual responsibility is a required reality. This commitment of mutual responsibility is a network of connection that does not allow any of us to escape from it, and for the first time in the history of our development, this once more latent natral law, is now a requirement of humanity's evolutionary development.

Therefore, continuing egoistic relationships between us will have catastrophic consequences. Even now, we are already seeing and feeling the natural disasters and crises that are coming upon many countries, and that affect the rest of the world. We only have this one planet to share together, and there is nowhere to run and escape this.

Over the past century, we have created on earth a network of interconnections that is rich and diverse, and that interdependently connects us all. The law of mutual responsibility is seen here operating for all the people of the world, and it connects us all together. This is reflected in the level of economy, trade, industry, and each country's involvement in the affairs of other countries, and more.

Today, each country must take care to make calculations for the benefit of all the other countries, instead of just considering its own circumstances, since this great level of interdependence in the world requires us to consider one another in everything, much like how it is done in a family, where every family member is given appreciation and consideration. Our interconnections and interdependence require this mutual consideration, acceptance, and support, like in one great global human family. The old paradigm of the self-interested business relationship is no longer working, and the reason is that we have reached the level of human development that requires more close and intimate connections between us in all levels of our lives.

In creating these new internal connections between us, we do not need to change, but only to rise above our mutual differences. We must learn the technique of concessions and rising above the perceived differences and gaps between us. Instead, we need to celebrate and appreciate each other's cultural richness and rise above any and all differences we perceive in order to connect with each other in mutual guarantee and responsibility for one another. Even though we may perceive that we are different, we can still get along, just like we all must get along in one big family.

In this interdependent connection, we must come to feel united and close to one another; we must feel such an interdependence that it will compel us to change our attitudes toward each other.

We need to develop a new psychological method to build relationships, beyond the difficulties and without their oppression, as it is written "love covers all transgressions." "Let's talk to one another; let's be more open and share more; let's come to know each other better; let's learn about our nature and our characters." These same relational sensitivities should also be applied among the nations of our world. Therefore, let's not be ashamed of who we are and admit, like intelligent adults, that this is, in fact, who we really are. And then above all of this, we can build the mutual relationships between us consciously, and in a good, loving, and giving direction.

From the outset of this learning process, it will be only with the aim to build a bond of love between us, above our transgressions. Meaning from the beginning, we have to start preparing to make concessions between us, because that is the only way we will be able to unite on the emotional level, and truly feel close to one another. The world will certainly be a safer, calmer place this way. In such a state, we will no longer be afraid to let our children be out by themselves at night, because every stranger will care for them as much as we do, and we will also care for others in the same way.

Currently, we are at the threshold of a beautiful new world. The beauty of it is experienced as soon as one begins to connect with others, since then s/he begins to feel the new world and all of life, through the others. in the moment that I begin to connect to the entire world, I begin to receive an impression from the entire world, and suddenly that knowledge and that feeling reaches me, that is in every human in the world. I will suddenly feel and know what all the people in the world know. Thus I can expand my life so much so, that I no longer live within me, but within all, and I'll stop living inside my self, and will begin to live in everyone else. And at that point, I'll be able to touch the eternal point within me, to the extent that I am integrated in everyone else, in the system of mutual guarantee.

How do we create change in human nature? A) The person should see, feel, and emulate through many living examples how s/he is connected to others. B) We need to make groups of people who participate in raising the importance of mutual responsibility through different activities, such as games, songs, and movies. C) We need to use the power of the influence of the environment, by creatively publicizing the need for mutual responsibility and by creating an environments where "habit becomes a second nature."

Because the environment is the single most powerful influence there is on people, and it can persuade people in anything, since it is even stronger than my own nature, we need to build information systems and integral education systems that affect the person, groups, the state and nation, and all nations together, until we all know and feel that we live in the world like one great global human family, living as the members of one family in one house, our world.

~ Concluding Unit 5 Summary - Questions and Tasks:

Use the materials learned in  Unit 3-14: "Life Outside the Body," and in your understanding, write what is meant by going outside of myself into others.

Write three examples of a system of connection in "mutual guarantee" that is discovered today in the world: one example from the level of nature, an  additional example from the level of human society, and a third example from the field of economics.

I have an inclination to be angry and to judge people. How do you think that I must  relate to these characteristics, according to the principles of global, integral education?

According to the learning material in these first five learning units of study, what is the difference between what global, integral education teaches and the messages of the green movements, in regards to preserving the environment.

Read the conclusion of this learning unit 5, and summarize it briefly in your own words.