What's In The Course?

The Integral Education course consists of 13 units, dealing with six key topics. Each unit focuses on a different topic, yet all topics are present in all the units, and are presented from the perspective of the topic in focus.

Following are the six principal topics taught throughout the course:

  1. Nature
  2. Nature is as an integrated system, and the natural laws dictate human development.
  3. Evolution of Connections among Humans
  4. The development of humanity can be seen from various angles: social, cultural, scientific, economic, etc. Also, the formation of connections among people are vitally important, as are the interdependent influences among countries and cultures.
  5. Human Nature
  6. The inclinations that motivate and connect people can be examined. There is a direct relationship between egoism and the appearance of the global crisis.
  7. The Global Crisis
  8. As we see the appearance of crises on various levels of society, we can determine their root causes, and discover why the attempts to solve them are not working.
  9. Environment and Education
  10. We discover and clarify the influence of the environment on human beings, the present environment and its ramifications, and the required education needed to be aimed toward the next level of human development.
  11. The Future State of Humanity
  12. We learn the skills and acquire the tools needed for developing toward mutual responsibility and agreement, aimed toward whole and complete balance with all of Nature.

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The world we live in is a vast, wondrous, and intricate system. Every part of it is connected to, and dependent upon, all the other parts. For many decades, this complexity was hidden from us. We'd see the world as a collection of elements not necessarily connected to each other, and certainly not as interdependent as we are now discovering.

  1. Watch

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    Answer thought-provoking questions
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